It can be electrowelded to optimize the compactness and the execution versatility. The constructive versions are those mentioned on page 3.

Seat in the body:

The seat in the valve body is obtaine executing a carryover of 21 degree Stellite, through welding. This carryover is executed both on the bodies of steel to the carbon and those of stainless steel. The place of business is worked at digital control machine with CAD-CAM technology to obtain his special elliptical form which marries exactly the estate ring.

This particular shape, together with the stem double eccentricity, allows it not to be subject to creeps, during the disc rotation, with the relevant sealing ring.


It is compact and shaped in such a way to offer the lowest possible resistance to the medium passage as well as a low dynamic torque.

The construction is suitable for housing both the shaft in double accentric position vs. the seat and the sealing ring with its retaining ring held on the disc by means of screws.

The fixing to the shaft is carried out using conic pins and keys; the first for small sizes, both for bigger sizes.

Seal lamellar ring:

It is built intercalating metal rings with gasket materials (graphoil, AFM, or similar) absolutely free of elastomers and PTFE.

It is positioned on the disc in a loose housing and held by a bolted ring; nevertheless it has the possibility to move for centering and fitting itself to the body seat.

Its eliptical shape, obtained by machining, perfectly fits the seat in the body and, joined to a suitable shut-off torque, the perfect sealing, also bi-directional, is reached.

Download: VALVES 501M SERIES

Information Product:

Size range 2.1/2” ÷ 56” (DN65 ÷ DN1400)
Type Wafer, Lug, Double flanged , Butt welding
Design ASME B16.34, EN 12516-2, EN 593
Face to face API 609, EN 558, ANSI B16.10
Operating temperature -196°C + 815°C (-320 °F ÷ +1500 °F)
Pressure ratings ASME class 150, 300, 600, PN10 ÷ PN160 – bidirectional
Flange drilling ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47 series A, EN1092-1
Testing API 598, API 6D, EN 12266-1
Leakage class Rate “A” – No leakage – according to EN 12266-1
Standard materials Body: Carbon Steel, Stainles Steel, Al/Bronze

Body seat: Stellite® (overlay welding)

Disc: Carbon Steel, Stainles Steel, Al/Bronze

Stem: AISI 420, AISI 630, NITRONIC 50

Applications High pressure, High temperature, Critical service, Cryogenic Service
Certifications 97/23/CE PED, 94/9/CE ATEX, Fire Safe API 607, ISO 10497, API 6FA

CU TR 10 – CU TR 32, GOST-R

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