Flanged Ball Valves Type AF94D

Flanged Ball Valves Type AF94D

Flanged Ball Valves Type AF94D

DIN flange ball valves with double sealing system to be mounted between flanges according to DIN EN 1092-1, antistatic with ISO mounting pad for direct mounting of pneumatic or electrical actuators. Fire safe certified ball valves. Seals according FDA regulation.

Brief description

2 piece ball valve to be mounted between flanges DIN EN 1092-1, antistatic, full bore, face to face dimension according to DIN EN 558-1 column 1 and column 27, with plane raced face form B1. Tight closing according to DIN EN 12266-1:2003, P11 and P12 (leakage rate A). Fire safe according to BS EN ISO 10497:2004 and seals in conformity with US FDA 21CFR 177.1550. Double sealing system on body with chambered PTFE sealing towards media and graphite sealing towards outside. ISO top flange according to DIN EN ISO 5211 for actuator direct mounting.

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Pressure releasing system

Ball valves equipped with an automatically pressure releasing system prevent the uncontrolled pressure increase between ball and body. In open and closed ball positions, the media behind the ball remains in closed.

In case of a heating up of the media, the media expands and as a result the pressure behind the ball raises up. This pressure increase may damage the ball seats and an internal leckage occurs or the ball will be blocked by the increased pressure.

The optional pressure releasing system prevents an uncontrolled pressure increase and releases overpressures directly back into the piping system. No damage of the ball seats will therefore occur.

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