JBT Series Trunnion Type Soft Seat Ball Valve


JBT Series Trunnion Type Soft Seat Ball Valve

JBT Series Trunnion Type Soft Seat Ball Valve

Trunnion Type Soft – Metal Seat Ball Valve

ASME CLASS 150 – CLASS 300 – CLASS 600 – CLASS 900 – CLASS 1500 – CLASS 2500

The JBT & JBTM Series are Trunnion-mounted ball valves designed with vanguard engineering and highly sophisticated technology. Our in-house High Velocity Oxygen Fuel-sprayed hard faces allow them to defy the toughest operating conditions, such as high pressure, abrasive and corrosive mediums, slurries, etc. Successfully used in the Oil & Gas industry, Refineries and Power Plants, these API 6D certificated valves provide an outstanding tightness, stability, safety and reliability that exceed most industry standards.

Applicable Standards

  1. Body Material: Standard in WCB, CF8, CF8M. Other materials are available according to requirements.
  2. Nominal Size: 2” to 24” (DN50 to DN600)
  3. Pressure Rating: ASME CLASS 150/300/600, 900/1500/2500 on request.
  4. End Connections: RF / RTJ
  5. Temperature Range: Soft seat: -320~482°F (-196~250°C) / Metal seat: -320~932°F (-196~500°C), higher temperature on request.
  6. Face-to-face Dimensions: ASME B16.10
  7. Flanged Dimensions: ASME B16.5
  8. Body Pressure Test: ASME B16.34 / API 598 / API 6D
  9. Seat Leakage Test: Soft seat: ASME B16.34 / API 598 / API 6D / Metal seat: ANSI/FCI70-2 Class V in standard, Class VI in option.
  10. Casting: MSS-SP-25 / MSS-SP-55
  11. Fire Safe Design: Certificated according to API 607 / API 6FA

Product features

  1. True bidirectional design and wide temperature range satisfying all applications.
  2. Cavity pressure relief design protecting against any excess of pressure in the body cavity.
  3. Trunnion ball design ensuring a tight contact between seats and balls, and allowing the valves to withstand extremely high pressures.
  4. Single Piston seat rings that guarantees the self-relief of the body cavity in case of overpressure.
  5. Double piston design in option, securing both upstream and downstream sealings.
  6. Optional double block and bleed design ensuring a safe isolation simultaneously on both upstream and downstream seats.
  7. Splined stem design strengthening the trim to withstand heavy torques under high pressure drops.
  8. Emergency sealant injection design on request to restore the seat or packing integrity immediately.
  9. Optional drain plug device to empty the cavity or to detect any leakage.
  10. Body gland providing a trustworthy anti-blowout function and an easy maintenance.
  11. Several alternatives of soft and metal seats to meet any kinds of requirement.
  12. Optional purge device guaranteeing a complete cleaning of the body cavity.
  13. Fire safe design according to API 607 or API 6FA.
  14. Anti-static device.
  15. ISO 5211 Mounting Pad design.

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  • DNV-CE Certificate 2017.04.15
  • DNV-ISO 9001-2008 Certificate 2017.02.25
  • Fire-safe test API 6FA 3 Edition 
  • Fire-safe test API 6FA 3 Edition 
  • Fire-safe test API 6FA 3 Edition 
  • Fire-safe test API 607 6 Edition 
  • Fire-safe test API 607 6 Edition 
  • SIL3
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