JBFM Series Floating Metal Seat Ball Valve



JBFM Series Floating Metal Seat Ball Valve

JBFM Series Floating Metal Seat Ball Valve

Product features: JBFM Series Floating Metal Seat

  1. Highly precise machining enabling the seat leakage rate to reach FCI-70-2 Class V in standard and Class VI in option.
  2. Spring-loading design keeping the seat in tight contact with the ball even at low pressure. It also offers stable valve torques under higher pressure drop.
  3. Various seat designs meeting the different requirements.
  4. Wide choice of hard faces satisfying the needs of all applications.
  5. Oversized stem design reducing the deformation under high pressure or high temperature services.
  6. Larger ball design providing the best sealing.
  7. Anti-jam design of seating area precluding particles from getting stuck between the spring and the valve cap.
  8. ISO 10497 Fire Safe Test certificated.
  9. Anti-static design.
  10. Anti-blowout stem design.

JIS 10K; JIS 20K ASME CLASS 150; CLASS 300; CLASS 600 DIN PN16; PN40; PN100: JBFM Metal-Seat Ball Valve is designed especially for serve services with high temperature, abrasion or corrosion in the industrial processes. With JDV’s self-owned coating technology, a wide range of hard faces are available to satisfy all your using conditions.

  • Floating Type Metal Seat Ball Valve
  • Full Bore Two-Piece Flanged Ends

Applicable Standards: JBFM Series Floating Metal Seat

  1. Body Material: Standard in WCB, CF8, CF8M. Other materials are available according to requirements.
  2. Nominal Size: 1/2” to 8” (DN15 to DN200)
  3. Pressure Rating: JIS 10/20K ASME CLASS 150/300/600 DIN PN16/40/100
  4. End Connections: RF
  5. Temperature Range: -20~932°F (-29~500°C), higher temperature on request.
  6. Face-to-face Dimensions: JIS B2002 / ASME B16.10 / EN 558 Series 5/14/15
  7. Flanged Dimensions: JIS B2220 / ASME B16.5 / EN 1092-1
  8. Body Pressure Test: JIS B2003 / ASME B16.34 / API 598 / EN 12266-1
  9. Seat Leakage Test: ANSI/FCI70-2 Class V in standard, Class VI in option.
  10. Casting: MSS-SP-25 / MSS-SP-55
  11. Fire Safe Design: Certificated according to ISO 10497

Product Spec: Catalog and JBFM Series

Certification: JBFM Series Floating Metal Seat

  • DCI High Temperature Test
  • DCI BS6364 Cryogenic Test
  • DNV-CECertificate 2017.04.15
  • DNV-ISO 9001-2008 Certificate 2017.02.25
  • Fire test ISO 10497 3 Edition [ 1 ]
  • Low emission test ISO 15848-1 First Edition 2006
  • SIL3
  • TA-Luft VDI2440 Sec.
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